Restaurants of Fethiye

One thing is for certain, there’s no shortage of good food in Fethiye. With the combination of stunning views, attentive service and quality ingredients, this will certainly prove one of the highlights of your visits.

1. Kebab and Döner

If you are looking for something easy, cheap, and delicious, you can find many kebab restaurants around town that will prepare a nice wrap for you, easy to enjoy on the go. A word of clarification: if you are expecting the kebab with the shaved meat, that is called döner. Kebab is more traditionally ground meat (frequently lamb or beef) formed onto a skewer. But don’t worry, if döner is what you are searching, you will certainly find that in Fethiye as well.

2. Lokanatas

Lokantas will provide you with an authentic Turkish meal. Lokantas make traditional meals found in the Turkish home. They will have an assortment of daily mezes, kebab, döner, a daily meat and rice dish, lahmacuns, and pide.

Lahmacuns are made of thin, round dough topped with minced meat and spices. You can then add fresh vegetables, such as tomatoes, onions, and parsley, and roll the dough up and eat it with your hands. Pide is similar to pizza. It is a flatbread that can be topped with almost any topping; meat, eggs, cheese, vegetables. You will also frequently find mercimek çorbası, the delicious Turkish lentil soup, at the lokanta.

3. Seafood

When you visit a place like Fethiye, you, of course, must try the deliciously fresh seafood restaurants. If you have already spent a night at the fish market or prefer something with more of a view, try one of the many restaurants located along the bay. The exquisite taste of fresh and local seafood paired with the stunning pink and blue sunset over the soft water of the bay and surrounding mountains will create the perfect evening to remember.

4. Other

If you aren’t in the mood for anything in particular, the city centre and the stretch of restaurants along the seaside offer the best options. You will find a myriad of restaurants with diverse menus. You can try mantı; Turkish dumplings filled with minced meat and onions covered in a garlic yoghurt sauce. Or maybe you’ll opt for Köfte, Turkish meatballs. Really, you can’t go wrong in a town like Fethiye with the fresh ingredients and delicious cuisine.

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