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08 March 2020

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Göcek, with its ideal location just halfway between Fethiye and Dalaman, presents the perfect getaway from the busy city centre of Fethiye. Due to its location, it has become a hub for yachters and during the Ottoman empire its ideal location was used as the harbour for ships carrying chrome ore from the nearby mountains. In 1988, the government established Göcek as a Registered Area of Special Protection and, for this reason, Göcek contains no multi-storied buildings, contributing to its more luxurious and soft atmosphere. So if you are looking for a quieter and calmer city in which you can spend your peaceful days of vacation, Göcek is the place for you.

1. What to Do

If you happen to be at all interested in sailing, Göcek will certainly be exciting and lovely for you. Through its busy docks constantly stream different types of boats just waiting to carry you out onto the beautiful Turquoise Coast of Turkey. Göcek looks out over 12 islands and boat services can always be used to get to them. Due to its easily accessible harbour, the types of boat tours available to you vary including individual tours, sightseeing tours, night tours, or even overnight tours.

If you wish not only to traverse the water in boats but jump in as well, there are several beaches located in and around the town that are easily accessible by bus or boat. The many beaches in and near the town, all promise a lovely and relaxing day. Göcek’s beauty with lush pine forests and bright blue waters are not its only attributes. It is also near several historically and culturally rich places such as the Fethiye Museum, Pınara, Tlos Letoon, Xanthos, Telmessos and Patara.

2. Where to Eat

However, if you do wish to remain on land and explore the rustic and nautical city of Göcek, plenty of activities await you! Throughout the city many different bars and restaurants can be found. You could opt for a small cafe to enjoy a small coffee and your book. Or perhaps you are searching for a larger meal, in which case Göcek can provide you with several traditional Turkish restaurants or more broadly Mediterranean food to go perfectly with the setting. And if you truly wish to take advantage of the nautical setting, plenty of seafood restaurants can be found throughout Göcek.

3. How to Get Around

Göcek has many bus systems that can take you to popular sites nearby and, of course, you could always catch one of the many boats available to you from the busy harbour.

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