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Fethiye Belediyesi

08 March 2020

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Fethiye sits along the southwestern coast of Turkey, which is often times referred to as the Turquoise coast. This name alone clues you in to the astonishing beauty awaiting you in this amazing city. The Fethiye city centre bustles with shoppers and fishmongers ready to sell you the day’s catch.

1. A Stroll Through the City

While the surrounding area of Fethiye contains all types of treasures just promising adventure, the city itself is well worth a perusal. If you have the time during your stay, set aside a day to wander through its lovely streets. With a simple stroll through the city, you will uncover its hidden gems that you wouldn’t otherwise. This is not the type of day you can plan, Just set out with the intention of wandering and you will be amazed by the city that unfolds before you.

2. A Few Things to Look For

  • The Fethiye Museum

This mini, two room museum can be a little difficult to find, as it sits tucked away in the many streets near the fish market, but it is perfect to search for during your leisurely stroll through the city centre. After enjoying your lovely walk, the museum can be a great place to find some shade and learn about the amazing history of this ancient city.

  • The Harbour

The Fethiye harbour is the perfect place for you to enjoy the amazing sunset. You can grab a bite to eat and relax with the soft air around you smelling of the sea and with the sounds of boats and nearby chatter.

  • Umbrella Street

As can be inferred by the name, the Umbrella Street of Fethiye is a narrow street that has been covered in beautifully bright umbrellas. While it is a great place to take a break from the summer sun, it also provides the perfect setting for some truly great photo opportunities.

  • Outdoor Amphitheatre

Just by the harbour sits an ancient outdoor amphitheatre. It has been partially restored and gives you an idea of the life that was once led here many ages ago.

3. Shopping

The Fethiye city centre, in all honesty, is a wonderful place for shopping. While you take a lovely stroll, you will see all of the shops just waiting for you. If you feel so inclined, these little shops tend to be a great place to practice your haggling skills.

The Old Town area of Paspatur is a quaint area of town with lovely little shops and each Tuesday, Fethiye sets up its weekly market with quite possibly everything imaginable.

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