Şövalye, also known as Makri or Fethiye Island is a small and beautiful island located in the Fethiye district of Muğla province. The island is situated across the Gulf of Fethiye and has protected Fethiye Harbour since old times. It is also the only island in the Fethiye area where settlement is allowed. It is surrounded by Kızıl Island in the West, Çalış Beach in the East, the city of Fethiye in the South and the Gulf of Fethiye in the North.

Having been zoned for housing in the 1970s, the island is now a settlement in the Karagözler area of Fethiye. It is officially a protected area and is home to around 100 houses. Apart from its residents, the island has also many daily visitors during the summer months. It is a perfect getaway from the city with no car noises and some great options for hotels, restaurants, beaches and picnic areas. The island is great to wander around with its cooling Mediterranean breeze, even on a hot summer day.

Şövalye Island, meaning “Knight Island” takes its name from the Rhodian knights who guarded the area in the 15th century. As one can easily see, the history of the island dates back to old times as it showed traces of both western and eastern Mediterranean civilisations. Today, the remains of a Rhodian castle, old water cisterns and mosaics can be seen on the island.

The island, which was initially an ancient Greek settlement known as Makri, was once home to Lycians, Romans, Byzantines, the crusaders and the Ottomans. Although it was an extension of the Fethiye peninsula in the old times, the island was separated from the mainland over time and has become an independent island since then, creating a natural harbour.

It is possible to get to Şövalye Island by taxi boats from Fethiye centre and Çalış Beach. The boats run from 10:00-19:00 daily during summer months to the island, which is 1,5 sea miles away from Fethiye.

The island is ideal for a quiet beach day with no car noise or reminders of city life.


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