Fethiye is situated in a region of the world that lends itself magnificently to growing all types of delicious crops. Up in the mountains of Fethiye, above the little village of Üzümlü, sits another little village known as Nif or Arpacık. Due to the cooler and rainier temperatures, this town grows beautifully red and juicy cherries. And, each year, the local people take pride in their crop, celebrating with a festival that showcases this yummy treat they have carefully grown that year.

When and Where

The festival happens for only one day so you will want to be sure not to miss it! The exact day of the festival tends to change yearly, but, in 2017, it was held on July 9th. As previously mentioned, the festival takes place in the mountain town Nif.

What to Expect

Because Nif is located in the mountains near Fethiye, the temperatures are significantly cooler. Generally, the temperatures in Nif are roughly 10 degrees lower than in Fethiye. Since July can be a very hot month in Fethiye, this festival would serve as an excellent way to escape the heat for a day.

But the lower temperatures are not the only attraction of this lovely festival. This festival gives you the opportunity to explore yet another small, authentic Turkish village while also appreciating the beautiful work put into growing these delicious cherries. The festival will have vendors selling local food and the wonderful cherries. You may even choose to buy a bag of cherries to bring home to enjoy later!

Additionally, they will hold a cherry eating contest and an award ceremony for the best cherry farmer. Beyond the simple enjoyment of delicious cherries, there will also be a concert put on in the garden of the local elementary school with performances by various local groups. This festival works to promote local farming and serves as a celebration of local growth and culture.

How to Get There

Nif Köyü, or Arpacık, is about a 35 minute drive from Fethiye if you have a car at your disposal, you can easily drive up to this sweet, little mountain town for a chance to enjoy this magnificent festival. If you do not have access to a car, don’t worry. You can always take the bus up to the town. While this will take longer than the first option, the festival is worth the wait!

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