Fethiye Belediyesi

08 March 2020

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The area in and around Fethiye is seeped in a rich history that dates back to the 5th century BC. Because of this, throughout the area can be found amazing ruins and modern monuments honoring the rich history of the land, especially in its martyrs.

1. Ruins In and Around Fethiye

a. Roman Amphitheatre

This outdoor amphitheatre sits just by the Fethiye Harbour. With a gorgeous view of the harbour and water beyond, it is easy to imagine the beautiful performances that were once played there.

b. Lycian Sarcophogi

Fethiye is situated where the ancient Lycian civilization once thrived. Because of this, you can find Lycian sarcophogi throughout the area. Sarcophogi were a popular burial form around the world, however the Lycian sarcophogi are distinctive for their very large size. They can be found all throughout the area and there is even one at the Fethiye Museum.

c. Amyntas Tomb

The ancient Lycians believed that their dead would be carried away by winged creatures to the afterlife. For this reason, they buried many of their most honored dead in the sides of the mountains overlooking their town. The tomb of Amyntas, a presumed king at the time, is one of the largest and most impressive tombs of its kind. And it sits right nearby the Fethiye city centre so it is easily accessible and the views are impeccable.

2. Modern Monuments

a. Fethi Bey Monument

Fethi Bey was a fighter pilot in the early 1900s who died tragically in a plane crash during the First World War. He was the first Turkish aviation martyr and in honour of his bravery, Atatürk renamed the then named Meğri to Fethiye. Because of this, a statue was erected in Fethiye to honor the life and sacrifice of Fethi Bey in 2005. The statue can be found in the city centre.

b. Fethiye Martyrs Memorial

This memorial honors the martyrs of the Turkish War of Independence, Battles of Gallipoli, Cyprus Peace Operation, and the Korean War. Each year, the city holds a ceremony to commemorate the many lives honored at this memorial.

c. Atatürk Monument

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was an officer in the military, established the Republic of Turkey and served as the country’s first official president. Fethiye has a monument honoring Atatürk near the harbour.

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