Ölüdeniz, a small village and beach resort in the Southwestern part of Turkey, contains a wide variety of new places promising adventure. It holds many amazing and historic sites and it’s most famous attributes, known and visited by most, are its gorgeous beach of Belcekız, the Blue Lagoon of serene waters and Mount Babadağ that hangs over the town and launches daring paragliders. So here are just a few of the next adventures awaiting you!

What to Do

  1. Kumburnu National Park

This breath-taking National Park is located just by the famous Belcekız beach and is protected land. It covers 2,347.5 acres of land and is known to reside in the Blue Paradise of Turkey. Lush trees blanket the land just up until it meets the turquoise waters, which are greeted by white sand and pebbles. This park is one of Turkey’s treasures with its gorgeous views of the Belcekız beach and protected nature.

  1. Belcekız Beach

The Belcekız beach is one of the most visited hotspots in Turkey due to its calm waters and breath-taking views. This beach joins the Blue Lagoon, which is its official translation. Its direct translation is the Dead Sea, capturing its serene and calm waters that remain so even during storms. The Belcekız beach has very calm and shallow waters that are perfect for families with small children. Along the beach many restaurants wait to serve you as you enjoy the sun, mountains and crystal waters.

  1. Hotels and Lodging

There are several types of hotels from which to choose when visiting this region; each of which offers gorgeous rooms and access to many popular activities in the region, such as paragliding, diving, boat trips and more. All of these lovely havens will be at the ready to find the right activities for you during your stay in Turkey.

  1. Relaxation and Cleansing

Once you’ve found a place to stay and enjoyed the lovely beach, there is much else to entertain you during your stay. If you are so inclined to relax even more than sitting on a pebble-strewn and gentle beach, you could attend one of the many Turkish baths, or hammams, nearby. Each offers a variety of experiences from Traditional Turkish bath to your own combination package of the perfect way to relax.

  1. Nightlife

If you find yourself in a more lively mood, you could head out for a night on the town to explore the exciting nightlife just nearby. There are many bars, pubs, dance clubs and more just waiting for you to let your hair down!

  1. Adventuring

If you are looking to explore more, you could schedule a paragliding session with one of the many paragliding companies. Or perhaps you would like to explore the pristine waters a bit more, in which case I would suggest a boat tour of the area or stand-up paddle boarding. Finally, there exist many historical and heritage tours ready to show you the history and heritage of this beautiful region.

Coves and Beaches Around Ölüdeniz

Several beautiful coves populate the area near Ölüdeniz that are well worth exploring. The Belcekız Beach in the Blue Lagoon should only be one of the many waters you explore on your trip! Below you can learn more about the coves and beaches near Ölüdeniz promising adventure and relaxation.

  1. Gemiler Beach

This beach is located just west of the Blue Lagoon and presents stunning views of the historically filled St. Nicholas’ Island. The beach sits roughly 6 km away from the nearby ghost town of Kayaköy. You can choose to relax on this beach, venturing into its crystal and gentle waters, or you can decide to take a boat to the island and discover the Byzantine era churches scattered across its grounds.

  1. Kıdrak Beach

If you are looking for a more secluded and quiet trip to the beach, this is your place. This beach is located south of Belcekız Beach of Ölüdeniz and a bus service can take you there easily. This beach is far quieter than the Belcekız Beach so its calm waters will not be overshadowed by loud tourists. The waters are clear and calm- perfect for snorkelling. Or you can simply relax in a lounge chair on the beach and enjoy the warm sun. This is technically a National Reserve and so there will be a 6 lira charge that contributes to the maintaining of the land, promising you a clean and beautiful beach.

  1. Kabak Cove

This cove sits south of Ölüdeniz and even further south than the Butterfly Valley. It is tucked away with the recesses of land and forms a valley opening up to the sea. Its calm waters welcome a secluded and relaxing day full of ventures out into the gentle water or laying out on the pebble-beach. Not only can you swim in its tranquil waters, but the surrounding valley provides you with several beautiful hiking trails. There are also several hotels located close to the beach for your convenience.

  1. Aktaş Beach

Just like Kabak, this hidden gem is a magnificent beach with large, flat, white stones. It is surrounded by woods, in which you only hear the murmuring of the sea and the rustling of the leaves. The ideal place to find your own self again. Aktas Beach is not a tremendously visited section of shoreline, but you always have an excellent time when you’re on. If you are on your private car, follow the signs to Aktaş Beach from the main road in Faralya but note that the road can be dusty and rocky. Another option is to take Kabak bus from Fethiye or Ölüdenize, then hike to the beach. There is a camping facility there with food and beverage options.

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