For glorious weather and spectacular beaches, it’s hard to beat the stunning town of Olu Deniz. As part of Turkey’s popular Turquoise Coast, this is a peaceful and relaxed resort with a restful atmosphere. Olu Deniz is perfect if you’re going away with your family or partner, with plenty of opportunities to have lots of fun or enjoy some romantic experiences.

It all starts at the beach in Olu Deniz, which is famous for its picture-perfect Blue Lagoon. As one of Turkey’s most iconic beaches, it’s impossible not to be impressed by the crystal clear waters and the beautiful scenery. If you want to escape the crowds, you can take a water taxi to more secluded beaches, where there’s a good chance you’ll have a lovely little spot all to yourself.Great activitiesThere’s plenty to keep the while family entertained in Olu Deniz, whether your children are big or small. Head to one of the town’s two water parks for a fun-filled day out, or treat your little ones to a banana boat ride. If you’re looking for some romantic things to do, it doesn’t get much better than a day on a secluded beach, before a sunset meal with jaw-dropping views from the top of a mountain.Relaxed atmosphereIf you love the atmosphere of a beachside promenade, you’ll be happy to know Olu Deniz has a lovely one full of shops, bars and restaurants. The nightlife’s nice and relaxed, perfect for quiet meals out or a few after-dinner cocktails. Whether you’re lazing around in the warm Turkish sunshine for your whole holiday, or being active and exploring spots like Butterfly Valley and the Kidrak Natural Park, you’re sure to have a memorable time in Olu Deniz.

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