City Center

While it may be tempting to spend all your vacation time lounging on the many stunning beaches in and around Fethiye, be sure not to miss out on the exciting downtown of Fethiye. While the city is small, the city centre bursts with life. Walking down the street, music will come from the stores’ open doors, cats will walk alongside you, taking in the sights, and the sweet aroma of Turkish delicacies waft through the warm air. From shopping to eating to museums, the city centre of Fethiye is ready to provide you with an exciting day out! And don’t forget to look up and see the colorful umbrellas or multi colored lanterns hanging above you, providing some much desired shade.

The Shopping

The streets of the city centre are lined with little shops full of almost anything imaginable. Wander down the many side streets and uncover a shop of authentic carpets or traditional copper cookware. The jewellery stores boast of shimmering precious stones and across the way sits a store full of the small tourist trinkets, perfect for gift giving when you get back home. Stop in a music store and try out the traditional instruments like the Oud or admire the store fronts showcasing the authentic Turkish clothing for momentous, traditional ceremonies. In the mood for doing some fishing? Stop in the fishing store and grab all the gear for the perfect day of fishing in the Mediterranean Sea.  When you need a break from the shopping, relax at one of the many delicious restaurants or cafes.

The Restaurants

The city centre has restaurants of all types of food. If you want to grab a quick bite to eat, stop in the kebab store, grab your wrap and continue the tour. Maybe you wish you enjoy your meal overlooking the sea. This can easily be arranged since Fethiye’s city centre sits just by the harbour. Take a load off and enjoy the view while you taste the delicious flavours of this region. You can escape to a small restaurant and forget you’re even in the city centre, enjoying a delicious plate of meze and Turkish coffee, surrounded by colourful lanterns and lush trees.  And don’t forget dessert! Stop by a bakery and grab some of the tasty local baklava made with pistachios. Or maybe you need to cool off- make your way to an ice cream store and snack on your refreshing cones as you make your way through the charming, winding streets of Fethiye.  No matter what you have in mind, you will find plenty of adventure, food and shopping in Fethiye.

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