Though Calis is known for its beautiful and popular beach, it holds even more excitement beyond that. Near the beach can also be found a National Park that serves as a national bird haven called Bird Paradise or Kuş Cenneti.

What To Do

This beach happens to be one of the most popular beaches in Fethiye with its location of only 7 km from the Fethiye city centre. It’s no mystery why this beach is a famous spot for tourists, with its amazing views and convenient amenities. It provides you with the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beautiful waters lapping onto the pebble-strewn beach with ample bars and restaurants just along the beachfront. With its views of the many islands populating Fethiye Bay, the beach is the perfect place to enjoy a gorgeous sunset over the gentle, reflective waters and scattered islands. Given its nice winds, it has become an ideal place for windsurfing. It also happens to be a nesting place for Caretta turtles, which are big friendly turtles, and, given the right time of the year, you might be lucky enough to spot a friendly turtle making its way through the beach.  At night time, the beach comes alive with a variety of different types of outings available to you. With just a quick walk on the beach, you’ll be sure to find a place for your evening. Given its immense popularity, Çaliş beach is a very popular place to stay in Fethiye and so the area can provide you with whatever type lodging you would enjoy whether it be in a small villa or large hotel.

Kuş Cenneti (Bird Paradise)

Just a little ways away from the popular beach lies a bird haven full of protected nature. It sits just by the Lake Kuş, meaning bird lake. This area serves as a haven for over 270 different species of birds including the white-headed duck, Eurasian spoonbill, greater flamingo, Dalmatian pelican and great white pelican. To enter the park only costs 5 lira and the staff is willing and able to help you; they are very knowledgeable about the park and the birds that migrate in and out of the park and can provide you with a full and well-rounded experience. It is also possible to rent binoculars to better observe these beautiful creatures in their safe space and a tower stands on the grounds, allowing you a better view of the park as a whole. This tranquil and natural site might be a good retreat for those who wish to escape the populate beach for a bit.

How To Get There

6 km away from Fethiye centre, you can easily go to Çalış by public transport or private car. It is also possible to walk to the beach if you prefer to stay in one of the accommodation facilities nearby. Çalış beach is the locals’ favourite and the entrance is free of charge, while sun beds and umbrellas can be rented at a decent price. Food and drinks are available at cafes and restaurants along the promenade and car parks are free of charge at parking spots in the nearby streets.

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