Butterfly Valley

Kelebekler Vadisi, or the Butterfly Valley, derives its name from the 150 different types of butterflies native to the valley. This valley was discovered so recently at the 1990’s by the hippies of Turkey who have since moved on to new places due to its growing popularity. With just one glance at this picturesque, tucked-away haven, it is easy to understand how it has become so popular for travellers from across the world.

The secluded valley sits at the base of the foothills of Mount Babadağ and is formed by a deep canyon that opens up to a beach on the lovely Turkish Riviera. Though the beach is enticing, the Valley contains other ventures for you, like a beautiful creek carrying fresh spring water towards the Mediterranean Sea! The valley also has many trails that lead to various hidden beauties, including one that will take you to two 60 m (200 ft.) tall waterfalls cascading down into the Valley.  Though it is open to the public year-round, its peak season for visitors is between June-August. Many people opt to camp and hike in the area and it can become very populated in the high-season.  Due to its natural beauty, it has become a nature reserve and ecotourism has flourished here. So if you are interested in travelling to a beautiful part of the world and wish to help maintain its natural beauty, this is the place for you! The valley became protected land on February 8, 1995, thus outlawing the construction of any permanent buildings. Temporary buildings are located within the valley and a small bar and restaurant can be found during the summer when the population grows.

What to Do

The joy of sea comes first when it comes to activities in Butterfly Valley. The south end of the beach where the boats are rare and the shadow lasts almost the whole day is the ideal place for a swim. The next activity that cannot be missed in the Butterfly Valley is the sunset. It is a must to watch the glorious view at the beach during the sunset hours. The east side of the valley offers a pleasant walk to the waterfall, which gives a nice and cold breeze to swim in during the waterfall season. There are also many seasonal activities in the Butterfly Valley ranging from mini concerts to yoga classes in the nature. The best night activity is to grab a drink and enjoy the sounds of waves and the quiet sky.

How to Get There

It is possible- and beautiful- to walk down into the Valley. However, the rocks are steep and the trek can be dangerous so one should be prepared with the proper foot-gear for the job.  Another fun option for getting to the Valley is by taking a boat from the Ölüdeniz Blue Lagoon, the Belcekız Beach, to the mouth of the Butterfly Valley. The boat ride takes you along the coast of this Muğla Province and offers astonishing views of the gorgeous waters and lush countryside. There are several different companies that offer these boat rides especially during the high-season of June- August.

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