Ölüdeniz Blue Lagoon

A true natural beauty, the Blue Lagoon is considered one of the most stunning beaches in the world. The beach is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists due to its unique beauty and calm sea.

With its turquoise sea, snow-white pebbles and breath-taking view, Ölüdeniz Natural Park has become a protected area. Due to being a national park, an entrance fee is applied. There is a parking area and a restaurant in the natural park.

The Blue Lagoon Beach has options such as sunbeds, umbrellas and water sports at an extra charge. With its shallow and quiet sea, it appeals to all ages.

If you don’t have a private car, there are public buses to Ölüdeniz from Fethiye, Ovacık and Hisarönü. The park is within walking distance of the last bus stop.

Belcekız Beach

Belcekız Beach is the east end of the world-famous Blue Lagoon. Lines with restaurants and bars along the promenade, the beach is free to the public. It is possible to rent sunbeds and umbrellas.

Although more wavy than the Blue Lagoon, Belcekız Beach is visited by many tourists from all around the world and is one of the top sightseeing spots in Fethiye. If driving, there are private parking areas, as well as parking spots on the main street. You can also take a public bus (dolmuş) from Fethiye, Hisarönü, Ovacık or Faralya to Ölüdeniz.

Kıdrak Cove

Kıdrak Cove is the first beach on the road to Faralya from Ölüdeniz. Not only is it open to daily visits, but it also offers camping options under the pine trees.

As it is less crowded than the Blue Lagoon or Belcekız Beach, Kıdrak cove is preferred by those who prefer to have a quiet day on the beach. You can enjoy the sounds of waves, the sun and the turquoise sea on this long beach. As wavy as Belcekız Beach, it may not be very suitable for families with small children.

The cove has a big parking area for those who have a private car. It is also possible to take the Ölüdeniz-Faralya public bus (dolmuş) and get off at Kıdrak. Alternatively, you can walk from Ölüdeniz beach, although the road is hilly in places.

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