It can’t be said enough: the waters of Fethiye are simply stunning. And even if you have never been interested in going on a cruise, this one just might change your mind.

The Blue Cruise takes you from Fethiye around what has been argued as the most beautiful coast in the world. Starting in Fethiye and taking you around the Mediterranean coast, this cruise will not disappoint.

The Boat

Even starting with the boat, this cruise is exceptional. Held instead of on a large ship, this cruise carries you across the shimmering waters on a handcrafted, wooden yacht. Every room has its own en suite bathroom and you can choose to go only with your close group of traveling comrades.


The cruise lasts 4 adventure-filled days. On the boat, they provide all types of sporting equipment from snorkeling gear to yoga mats to canoes. They have such a wide variety of activities for you to take part in, you won’t know where to start!

They will make stops along the way so you can jump from the boat into the refreshing, crystal clear waters and splash around with your friends and family. You can also opt to go to shore and take a simple but incredibly rewarding hike to secluded areas with some of the best views you won’t get anywhere else.

The Food and People

A staple of Turkish culture is their incredible hospitality and this cruise is no different. Your guides will not be some distant employee, but rather a knowledgeable and friendly local, ready to share their love and knowledge of the area.

The other aspect of this cruise that sets it apart from others is the delicious food. On this cruise you will be fed, exquisite, home-cooked meals of fresh fruits and vegetables and traditional, authentic Turkish food.

The Atmosphere

If you would rather take it easy on the cruise, that, too, can be accommodated. While they do provide many activities and gear for adventure, you may opt to sit out on the deck of the boat and immerse yourself in a captivating book as the boat gently rocks over waters and the sun warms you. This is your vacation and the cruise wants you to make the most of it. With its laid-back and relaxing atmosphere, you are bound to have a fabulous vacation away from your busy life.

This cruise is prepared to offer you your ideal vacation filled with adventure, respite and the chance to relax beneath a blanket of stars as the wooden boat gently rocks you to sleep.

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