The city of Fethiye provides you with all the types of transit you will need during your stay in Fethiye. They have a nearby airport and several different modes of transport throughout the city. Fethiye is wonderfully centrally located and is, therefore, very easy to get around. Interesting sights sit in and around Fethiye and easily accessible! This article covers the various modes of transport and a few of the distances between the amazing places around Fethiye and the city centre.

1. Maps

Maps can be picked up at any bus terminal, airport or tourist information centre. It is, of course, always a good idea to bring your own guide book with all your markings for the amazing places have planned to see.

2. Modes of Transportation

a. Airport

The nearest airport to Fethiye is the Dalaman airport. During the high seasons, you can find direct flights from London to Dalaman. Otherwise, you can also fly first to Istanbul and then to Dalaman. From there, you can take a bus to whatever nearby destination you hope to go to next.

b. Buses

There is also a bus terminal in Dalaman that can take you to many nearby towns. In addition to the more long-distance buses, you can also take one of the many dolmuş around the centre. Depending on your destination, they run fairly frequently.

c. Harbour

In addition to transit on the land, Fethiye also offers water taxis. You can go from the harbour to various beaches and bays or to one of the many nearby islands. They are very affordable and, generally, don’t take long at all. This can offer you an exciting way to see the area while also enjoying the fantastic waters.

3. Distances

For your convenience, here are a few distances between popular destinations that are handy to know around the Fethiye area.

  • Dalaman Airport to Fethiye City Centre: 44.8 km
  • Fethiye City Centre to Ölüdeniz: 12.5 km
  • Fethiye City Centre to Yanıklar: 10.6 km
  • Fethiye City Centre to Butterfly Valley: 23.4 km
  • Fethiye City Centre to Kayaköy: 14.1 km
  • Fethiye City Centre to Faralya: 28.5 km
  • Fethiye City Centre to Af Kule: 16.6 km

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